About Us

Board of Directors

Clackamas ESD is governed by a seven-member Board elected by County residents. Five Board members are chosen by zone (area in which they live) and two are selected from the county At-Large. All Board members serve four-year terms. Members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions and share a common interest in the quality of education provided by Clackamas County schools.

Ongoing Clackamas ESD Goals

In support of its mission, Clackamas Board of Directors have initiated the following goals:

  • To develop, strengthen, and maintain both formal and informal channels of communication with local school districts, the Oregon Department of Education, and other external educational and governmental agencies.
  • To promote and facilitate the active participation of local school district representatives in the determination of services to be provided and the assessment of the quality of services provided.
  • To identify and implement, within budgetary constraints, management procedures and technological developments designed to improve the delivery and quality of services.
  • To provide excellence in education and equality of educational opportunity for all youth.

The Clackamas ESD Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

To view the Board meeting calendar, click here. For agendas and meeting packets, click here. For archived minutes and agendas, click here.

Leonard Mills Len Mills, Chair, was appointed to the ESD Board in November 2006 as the representative from Zone II. He is a retired teacher from the Reynolds School District with a great deal of experience working in talented and gifted programs. Len is active in a number of nonprofit organizations. He and his wife live in Milwaukie.

Phone: 503.960.7823   Email: lmills@clackesd.k12.or.us
Curtis Smith Curtis Smith, Vice Chair, is a consultant and writer. He has been representing the county At-Large for consecutive terms since 1984. Curtis has over 30 years experience managing the human resource function in a variety of public and private organizations, both union and nonunion.

Phone: 503.523.9353   Email: csmith@clackesd.k12.or.us
Greg McKenzie Greg McKenzie has represented Zone III since 2009. For 25 years he practiced law in Clackamas County and more recently has worked as a leadership trainer and executive search consultant, first with the Oregon School Boards Association and now as a private consultant. He has a law degree from Lewis & Clark College and a bachelor degree in aerospace engineering from Auburn University. Greg previously served eight years on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

Phone: 503.752.2438   Email: gmckenzie@clackesd.k12.or.us
John Thomas John Thomas was appointed to the Clackamas ESD Board in January 2009 as representative from Zone 1. He was elected in May 2009, and re-elected in May 2013. He retired as general manager of the Sunrise Water Authority in Happy Valley and has an educational background in chemical engineering (BS), environmental engineering (MS), and business (MBA). He previously served on a school district board and his wife is a retired elementary school principal.

Phone: 503.887.0823   Email: jthomas@clackesd.k12.or.us
Jon Eyman Jon Eyman was elected to the Clackamas ESD Board in 2005 representing Zone IV. He has worked for the Oregon State Highway Department, done heavy construction and currently is the owner of Jon Eyman Construction, Inc. Jon previously served for 12 years on the Canby Grade School Board of Directors.

Phone: 503.577.9496   Email: jeyman@clackesd.k12.or.us
Susan Trone Susan Trone is a homemaker and volunteer. Susan represents Zone V. She is a former member of Redland School District's Strategic Planning Committee and currently a member of the Art Literacy Program since 1999 and the Redland Elementary School Site Council since 1995. She served as a board member on the Oregon Trail Soccer Board from 1997-2000. Susan also volunteers as a teacher for local youth programs.

Phone: 503.781.2129   Email: strone@clackesd.k12.or.us
Nadene Duffield Nadene Duffield has represented the county At-Large since 1996. She was a teacher in public schools for 30 years and currently serves as a volunteer teacher/tutor for Junior Great Books-Tag Program, Read Well Program and Art Literacy for Oregon City Schools. She is also a volunteer teacher/tutor at Portland Public Schools.

Phone: 503.329.6235   Email: nduffield@clackesd.k12.or.us